Bovine Reproduction

Bovine Reproduction
Bovine Reproduction
De: Richard M. Hopper (Editor)
ISBN: 9781118470831
Capa dura
856 páginas
Publicação: 2014, Wiley


Bovine Reproduction is a comprehensive, current reference providing information on all aspects of reproduction in the bull and cow. Offering fundamental knowledge on evaluating and restoring fertility in the bovine patient, the book also places information in the context of herd health where appropriate for a truly global view of bovine theriogenology. Printed in full color throughout, the book includes 83 chapters and more than 550 images, making it the most exhaustive reference available on this topic.

Each section covers anatomy and physiology, breeding management, and reproductive surgery, as well as obstetrics and pregnancy wastage in the cow. Bovine Reproduction is a welcome resource for bovine practitioners, theriogenologists, and animal scientists, as well as veterinary students and residents with an interest in the cow.




Chapter 1. Anatomy of the Reproductive System of the Bull
Ben Nabors, Robert Linford

Chapter 2. Endocrine and Exocrine Function of the Bovine Testes
Peter Ryan

Chapter 3. Thermoregulation of the Testes
John Kastelic

Chapter 4. Endocrine Control of Testicular Development and Initiation of Spermatogenesis in Bulls
Leo Brito


Chapter 5. Bull Development: Sexual development and puberty in bulls
Leo Brito

Chapter 6. Evaluation of Breeding Soundness: Concepts & Historical Perspective
Richard Hopper

Chapter 7. Evaluation of Breeding Soundness: The Physical Exam
James Alexander

Chapter 8. Evaluation of Breeding Soundness: The Spermiogram
Richard Hopper, Heath King

Chapter 9. Ultrasound Examination of the Reproductive Tract
Harry Momont

Chapter 10. Management of Breeding Bull Batteries
Heath King

Chapter 11. Management of Bulls at AI Studs
Gary Warner

Chapter 12. Testicular Degeneration
Albert Barth

Chapter 13. Vesicular Adenitis
Albert Barth

Chapter 14. Loss of Reproductive Function Due to Injury
Herris Maxwell


Chapter 15. General& Regional Anesthesia
Misty Edmondson

Chapter 16. Surgery of the Scrotum & Its Contents
Dwight Wolfe

Chapter 17. Restorative Surgery of the Prepuce
Dwight Wolfe

Chapter 18. Restorative Surgery of the Penis
Dwight Wolfe

Chapter 19. Management of Urolithiasis
Katherine Simpson
Robert Streeter

Chapter 20. Preparation of Teaser Bulls
Gretchen Grissett



Chapter 21. Anatomy of the Reproductive System
Ben Nabors
Robert Linford

Chapter 22. Initiation of Puberty
Charles Estill

Chapter 23. Neuroendocrine Control of Estrous & Ovulation
Marcel Amstalden
Gary Williams

Chapter 24. Ovarian follicular and luteal dynamics in cattle
Gregg Adams
Jaswant Singh

Chapter 25. Maternal recognition & Physiology of Pregnancy
Caleb Lemley
Leticia Camacho
Kimberly Vonnahme


Chapter 26. Biosecurity for Beef & Dairy Herds
Carla Huston

Chapter 27. Beef Heifer Development
Terry Engelken

Chapter 28. Dairy Heifer Development
Ricardo Stockler

Chapter 29. Interaction of Nutrition & Reproduction: Beef
William Swecker

Chapter 30. Interaction of Nutrition and Reproduction in the Dairy Cow
Butch Cargile
Dan Tracy

Chapter 31. Estrus Detection
Rhonda Vann

Chapter 32. Artificial Insemination
Ram Kasimanickam

Chapter 33. Pharmacological Control of the Estrous Cycle
Ram Kasimanickam

Chapter 34. Examination for Pregnancy: Rectal Palpation
David Christiansen

Chapter 35. Examination for Pregnancy: Biochemical Tests
Amanda Cain
David Christiansen

Chapter 36. Ultrasound Evaluation of the Reproductive Tract
Jill Colloton

Chapter 37. Beef Herd Health for Optimal Reproduction
Terry Engelken
Tyler Dohlman

Chapter 38. Dairy Herd Health for Optimal Reproduction
Carlos Risco

Chapter 39. Herd Diagnostic Testing Strategies
Robert Larson

Chapter 40. Beef Herd Record Analysis: Reproductive Profiling
Brad White

Chapter 41. Dairy Herd Record Analysis
James Brett
Richard Meiring

Chapter 42. Marketing the Bovine Reproductive Practice
John Myers


Chapter 43. Management of Vaginal, Cervico-Vaginal & Uterine Prolapse
Augustine Peter

Chapter 44. Induction of Parturition & Abortion
Albert Barth

Chapter 45. Management to Prevent Dystocia
Mark Hilton
Danielle Glynn

Chapter 46. Dystocia and Accidents of Gestation
Maarten Drost

Chapter 47. Obstetrics: Mutation, Forced Extraction, Fetotomy
Kevin Walters

Chapter 48. Caesarian Section
Cathleen Mochal-King

Chapter 49. Retained Fetal Membranes
Augustine Peter

Chapter 50. Postpartum Uterine Infections
Colin Palmer

Chapter 51. Cystic Ovarian Disease
Jack Smith

Chapter 52. Postpartum anestrus and its management in dairy cattle
Divakar Ambrose

Chapter 53. Surgery to Restore Fertility
Richard Hopper


Chapter 54. Diagnostic Approach to Abortion
Wes Baumgartner

Chapter 55. Infectious Agents: Campylobacter
Misty Edmondson

Chapter 56. Infectious Agents: Trichomonas
Michael Thompson

Chapter 57. Infectious Agents: Leptospirosis
Daniel Grooms

Chapter 58. Infectious Agents: Brucellosis
Sue Hagius
Quinesha Morgan
Philip Elzer

Chapter 59. Infectious Agents: Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis
Ahmed Tibary

Chapter 60. Infectious Agents: Bovine Viral Diarrhea
Thomas Passler

Chapter 61. Infectious Agents: Bovine Epizootic Abortion
Jeffrey Stott
Myra Blanchard
Mark Anderson

Chapter 62. Infectious Agents: Neospora
Charles Estill
Clare Scully

Chapter 63. Infectious Agents: Mycotic
Frank Austin

Chapter 64. Early Embryonic Loss Due to Heat Stress
Peter Hansen

Chapter 65. Reproductive Toxicants
Brittany Baughman

Chapter 66. Heritable Congenital Defects
Brian Whitlock
Elizabeth Coffman

Chapter 67. The Abnormal Offspring Syndrome
Charlotte E. Farin
Callie V. Barnwell
William T. Farmer

Chapter 68. Strategies to Decrease Neonatal Calf Loss in the Beef Herd
David Smith

Chapter 69. Management to Decrease Neonatal Calf Loss in the Dairy Herd
Ricardo Stockler


Chapter 70. Use of Technology in Controlling Estrus in Cattle
Fred Lehman
Jim Lauderdale

Chapter 71. Cryopreservation of Semen
Swanand Sathe
Cliff Shipley

Chapter 72. Utilization of Sex Selected Semen
Ram Kasimanickam

Chapter 73. Control of Semen Borne Pathogens
Rory Meyer

Chapter 74. Bovine semen quality control in artificial insemination centers
Patrick Vincent
Shelley Underwood
Catherine Dolbec
Nadine Bouchard
Tom Kroetsch
Patrick Blondin

Chapter 75. Superovulation in Cattle
Reuben Mapletoft
Gabriel Bó

Chapter 76. Embryo Collection and Transfer
Edwin Robertson

Chapter 77. Cryopreservation of Bovine Embryos
Kenneth Bondioli

Chapter 78. Selection & Management of the Embryo Recipient Herd
Cliff Lamb
Vitor Mercadante

Chapter 79. Evaluation of In Vivo Derived Bovine Embryos
Marianna Jahnke
James West
Curtis Youngs

Chapter 80. Control Embryo Borne Pathogens
Julie Gard

Chapter 81. In Vitro Fertilization
John Hasler
Jennifer Barfield

Chapter 82. Cloning by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
Lannett Edwards
Neal Schrick

Chapter 83. The Computer Generated Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation Form
John Myers

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