BSAVA Manual of Surgical Principles

BSAVA Manual of Surgical Principles
BSAVA Manual of Surgical Principles
De: Stephen Baines (Editor), Vicky Lipscomb (Editor), Tim Hutchinson (Editor)
ISBN: 9781905319 251
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312 páginas
Publicação: 2012, British Small Animal Veterinary Association


Meticulous attention to the basic principles of surgery is critical if a good surgical outcome is to be achieved. Good surgeons are not those who are simply skilled at surgery, but those who ensure that every aspect of patient care is performed at the highest standard. Complications that arise following surgery are often attributable to a lack of understanding or appreciation of the importance of these basic principles.

The BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Surgical Principles provides a solid grounding in best practice for the basic principles of veterinary surgery, which will be particularly helpful for veterinary students, new graduates and veterinary nurses as well as any veterinary surgeon wishing to update their knowledge.

Surgical facilities and equipment
Perioperative considerations for the surgical patient
Surgical biology and techniques


Surgical facilities â?? design, management, equipment and personnel; Sterilization and disinfection; Surgical instruments â?? materials, manufacture and care; Surgical instruments â?? types and usage; Suture materials; Surgical staplers; Surgical lasers; Preoperative assessment; Preoperative stabilization; Fluid therapy, and electrolyte and acid-base abnormalities; Shock, sepsis and SIRS; The immune and inflammatory response to anaesthesia; Postoperative management; Principles and practice of analgesia; Principles of nutritional support; Aseptic technique; Healing of elective surgical wounds; Surgical wound infection and antimicrobial prophylaxis; Hospital-acquired infection; Haemostasis and blood component therapy; Principles of operative technique; Suture patterns and surgical knots; Index.

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