General Pathology for Veterinary Nurses

General Pathology for Veterinary Nurses
General Pathology for Veterinary Nurses
De: Harriet Brooks
ISBN: 9781405155908
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Publicação: 2010,, Wiley-Blackwell


A good understanding of pathology will turn a competent veterinary nurse into an outstanding one. Harriet Brooks.
This is one of the first books on general pathology designed specifically for veterinary nurses and veterinary nursing students.

Pathology underpins all you do as a veterinary nurse. Knowledge of the general pathological processes will give you a deeper understanding of every aspect of an animalâ??s health. Building on your prior knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, the book explains the pathological changes that occur in sick animals. It describes the various disease processes and shows you how to relate them to clinical presentation, diagnosis and prognosis, and treatment rationales. This book will give you the knowledge and confidence to develop your role within the veterinary team.

Designed as a concise, easy to read textbook, it includes:
â?¢Detailed illustrations to explain the science behind the pathological processes
â?¢Summary boxes of key information to aid revision
â?¢A â??test yourselfâ?? section at the end of each chapter


About This Book.


1 Introduction to Veterinary Pathology.

What is pathology?

Who â??doesâ?? pathology?

Pathology as an academic subject.

2 Aetiology.


Aetiology â?? the study of the causes of disease

3 Cell Injury.

Lesions â?? structural and functional changes.

Definitions of cell response or injury followingharmful stimulus.

Cellular degeneration.


Extracellular changes.

4 Inflammation.

What is inflammation?


5 Pathology and the Immune System.

The normal immune system.

Diseases of the immune system.

6 Tissue Repair.

Definition of tissue repair or healing.

Tissue repair â?? general and specific examples.

Healing in various tissues.

Healing regulation and control.

What can impair, prevent or alter healing?

7 Circulatory Disorders.

Special note regarding capillaries.

How does interstitial fluid gather in the tissues?


Impaired blood supply to tissues.

Clotting (coagulation) of blood.


8 Disorders of Cell/Tissue Growth.

Atrophy, hypertrophy, hyperplasia and metaplasia.



Answers to Test Yourself Questions.

Further Reading.


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