Rabbit Medicine and Surgery for Veterinary Nurses

Rabbit Medicine and Surgery for Veterinary Nurses
Rabbit Medicine and Surgery for Veterinary Nurses
De: Mary Fraser, Simon Girling
ISBN: 9781405147064
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Publicação: 2009, Wiley-Blackwell


Rabbit Medicine and Surgery for Veterinary Nurses incorporates everything you need to know about caring for rabbits in a highly accessible style. It is the first book devoted to the care of both sick and healthy rabbits from a nursing perspective.
This exciting book contains all of the most crucial information about rabbits, including a brief natural history and chapters on nutrition, behaviour and medical and surgical nursing. It examines key areas in detail and explores emerging concepts.

Recent trends show that rabbits are fast becoming one of the most popular mammalian pets. The role of nursing has also evolved in recent years. Veterinary nurses now have more involvement and responsibility for the care of their patients. This book reflects these new developments in both its approach and contents.

Special features:
â?¢ Written by two experts in the field with a wealth of experience of treating rabbits, as well as educating veterinary nurses.
â?¢ Includes innovative chapters on rabbit clinics, owner education and evidence-based veterinary medicine.
â?¢ Contains a section with rich colour illustrations.


1. Rabbits â?? A Natural History.

2. Anatomy and Physiology.

3. Husbandry.

4. Nutrition.

5. Rabbit Behaviour.

6. Restraint, Handling, Anaesthesia, Analgesia and Fluid Therapy.

7. Diagnostic Imaging.

8. General Concepts of Nursing.

9. Specific Aspects of Medical and Surgical Nursing.

10. First Aid and Emergency Procedures.

11. Rabbit Clinics and Owner Education.

12. Research and Evidence Based Medicine.

Appendix 1 Formulary.

Appendix 2 Poisonous Plants.

Appendix 3 Useful Contacts

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