Simian Virology

Simian Virology
Simian Virology
De: Alexander F. Voevodin, Preston A. Marx
ISBN: 9780813824321
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508 páginas
Publicação: 2009, Wiley-Blackwell


Simian Virology is the first text to comprehensively cover all currently known simian viruses. Chapters provide an overview of nonhuman primate models of medically important viral diseases as well as natural infections of nonhuman primates with human and animal viruses. The text covers a variety of topics including primate models of medically important viral diseases such as AIDS, hypotheses on the origins of epidemic forms of HIV, and viral diseases caused by non-simian viruses in both wild and captive primates.




Part I: Introduction to Primatology and Virology.

1 Classification of Nonhuman Primates.

2 Principles of Virology.

Part II: Simian Viruses and Nonhuman Primate Models of Viral Infections.

Introduction to Part II.

Section 1: RNA Viruses.

Section 1.1: Simian Retroviruses.

Introduction to Retroviruses.

3 Lentiviruses in Their Natural Hosts.

4 Lentivirus AIDS Models.

5 Origins of Epidemic Forms HIV-1 and HIV-2.

6 Betaretroviruses.

7 Gammaretroviruses.

8 Deltaretroviruses.

9 Spumaviruses.

Section 1.2: Other Simian RNA Viruses.

10 Picornaviruses.

11 Arteriviruses.

Section 2: DNA Viruses.

Section 2.1: Simian Herpesviruses.

Introduction to Herpesviruses.

12 Simplexviruses.

13 Varicelloviruses.

14 Cytomegaloviruses.

15 Lymphocryptoviruses.

16 Rhadinoviruses.

Section 2.2: Other Simian DNA Viruses.

17 Parvoviruses.

18 Polyomaviruses.

19 Papillomaviruses.

20 Hepadnaviruses.

21 Adenoviruses.

Section 3: Miscellaneous RNA and DNA Viruses.

22 Miscellaneous Viruses.

Section 4: Experimental and Natural Infection of Nonhuman Primates with Nonsimian Viruses.

23 Experimental Infection of Nonhuman Primates with Viruses of Medical Importance.

24 Natural Infection of Nonhuman Primates with Nonsimian Viruses.


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