• The BSAVA Small Animal Formulary continues to be one of the Association’s most valued practical resources for veterinary surgeons. Part A, devoted to cats and dogs, includes doses and other species specific information, with references where available, and useful appendices including sedation and chemotherapy protocols.

  • Editorial Panel iv
    Preface to the ninth edition vi
    Foreword vii
    Notes on the monographs viii
    Distribution categories ix
    The prescribing cascade x
    Drug storage and dispensing xii
    Health and safety in dispensing xiii
    Drug listings and monographs (listed A-Z by generic name)
    1 (418)
    Appendix I General Information
    419 (1)
    Writing a prescription
    420 (1)
    Topical polypharmaceuticals for ear disease
    421 (1)
    Guidelines for responsible antibacterial use
    422 (3)
    Guidelines on prescribing glucocorticoids
    425 (2)
    Radiographic contrast agents: MRI
    427 (3)
    Composition of intravenous fluids
    430 (1)
    Safety and handling of chemotherapeutic agents
    430 (4)
    Body weight to body surface area conversion tables
    434 (1)
    Percentage solutions
    434 (1)
    Drugs usage in renal and hepatic insufficiency
    435 (2)
    Suspected Adverse Reaction Surveillance Scheme
    437 (1)
    Further reading and useful websites
    437 (2)
    Appendix II Protocols
    Chemotherapy protocols for lymphoma
    439 (5)
    Immunosuppression protocols
    444 (4)
    Sedation/immobilization protocols
    Sedative combinations for dogs
    448 (2)
    Sedative combinations for cats
    450 (2)
    Index sorted by therapeutic class 452 (8)
    Index (alphabetical by generic and trade names) 460
  • Ian Ramsey, Editor-in-Chief

    BVSc PhD DSAM DipECVIM-CA FHEA MRCVS School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow. Professor of small animal medicine with a demonstrated history of working in a clinical environment within higher education. Skilled in many aspects of small animal medicine, clinical research and lecturing.