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Practical Veterinary Forensics 1st Edition

De: David Bailey
ISBN: 9781780642949
2016, Cabi Books
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  • Veterinarians often come into contact with the law in cases of animal cruelty, domestic animal and wildlife crimes, and human crimes with an animal element. This book provides practical information and training on how to operate within a crime scene. It covers the tests that may need to be carried out, collecting evidence, preparing reports and giving evidence in court as an expert witness.

    Concentrating on the basic principles and background knowledge needed, the book includes hair, blood and bite mark analysis as well as an overview of firearms injury. It explores wider concepts such as the human-animal bond and one health, going on to give practical guidance and numerous case studies, which bring the book to life and into the real world of the busy crime scene.

    Practical Veterinary Forensics is an indispensable guide to all veterinarians working in cases of animal cruelty, abuse and crimes against animals. It is essential for welfare organizations, animal shelters and those requiring an introduction to veterinary forensic science.


    Suitable for veterinarians, welfare organisations, animal shelters and anyone requiring an introduction to veterinary forensic science.

    • 1: Introduction: What is Veterinary Forensics?
    • 2: Forensic Philosophy
    • 3: Law & Animals
    • 4: Forensic Science and Applications to One Health
    • 5: Evidence Collection and Gathering: The Living Evidence
    • 6: Forensic Examination of Animal Hair
    • 7: Firearms and Ballistics
    • 8: Blood and Blood Pattern Analysis
    • 9: Understanding the Nature of Document Evidence
    • 10: Forensic Toxicology
    • 11: Bitemark Analysis
    • 12: Report Writing
    • 13: The Human-Animal Interaction
  • Dr. David Bailey

    EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and LawMember of European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine

    David is a qualified Vet and a qualified forensic scientist. He has written a book
    " Practical Veterinary Forensics" and is currently mentoring two UK based residents in animal welfare science, ethics and law to obtain their speciality status. He runs a consultancy called forensic vet and is frequently asked to attend court and write expert reports to assist in the resolution of legal disputes involving animals, animal welfare, trade and law